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Logistics and global trade has taken a hit , but it hasn’t come to a grinding halt. Here is what you should know.

1) Air freight cargo is almost at a stand still, this is because air freight cargo relies on commercial planes. As airlines transport passengers, they also transport cargo and since most commercial airlines are grounded, so is cargo.

2) Sea freight is in trouble as well, most ports remain open but  have been banned from from sending or receiving non-essential items. Even without the ban, they really are focused and overwhelmed with PPE consignments. Recently the IMO requested that maritime stuff be recognized as frontline workers.

3) Air freight courier is still happening, companies like DHL, Aramex etc own aircraft and so no need to fold up if your business ships to overseas customers. All you need to do is book a shipment, the cargo will be picked up from location and delivered to your customers door. You almost don’t need to step out at all.

4) There are charter flights, yes, so if you need to haul large amount of cargo you can charter a flight or consolidate on a scheduled charter flight.

5) As countries are beginning to beat the corona virus, restrictions are easing up and the maritime industry is responding accordingly. We expect a return to normalcy soon, in the meantime, stay safe.

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