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We are a US based small business that were  first time exporters out of Ghana. Swiftly worked closely with us over many months to accomplish our Exworks ocean freight being shipped successfully to the US. We have built a solid trusting relationship that will last indefinitely and we have no reason to look elsewhere for our freight forwarding needs.

Chandler & Regina Bettis


Swiftly is one of the very few companies that I found providing shipping from Africa to the U.S. in addition to being a web based company, I really appreciated the responsiveness and support I received from the team. They were communicative and kept me updated throughout the process. This is a game changer.

Estella Ayuk


Working in the fast moving consumer goods world, logistics and shipping support are a critical part of our value chain. Swiftly has been outstanding in providing reliable, fast and secure logistics and shipping support services for some of our partners and individuals within our organisation. Be it special deliveries of products within Ghana, or shipping critical spare parts or accessories from the USA or Europe, Swiftly has always been the go-to partner, and its always been a delight. I recommend them highly.

Mensah Seneadza


I was referred to Swiftly as a possible international courier for my company. I reached out to them and with much diligence everything work out well. The customer service was very good. They kept me informed of the status of my shipment from Ghana to Canada. The rates were quite competitive. I will definitely utilize Swiftly going forward as they have gained by confidence.

Maxine Simpson


To get the best and most affordable freight rates i chanced on an article online about it's launch. It's a personalized service with quick and accurate response times. It's by far the most responsive in results for our business

Swiftly Global have been more than a frieght forwader to SAWA, they have been more like a partner. For a startup company operating in Europe; quality, time, good relationships and trust are very important to us, and can literally make or break your business. Swiftly has given us all four and a little more, and we are moving forward in confidence because of partners like Swiftly!

Ateh Atabong


Skin Gourmet uses Swiftly Global for everything! They are super helpful, save us money, great with our clients AND their prices are unbeatable. They are a joy and they care about our business. Our products are delivered quickly and with minimal damage. Honestly, we love Swiftly Global. They handle all our shipping honestly, the service and respect for customers is LIT 🔥. Plus our stuff is exported quickly and professionally. 😎✌️


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