About Us

Get convenient and low-cost rates for all your Global Deliveries.

About us

It’s expensive and inconvenient to send packages worldwide, right? NOT Anymore!

Get the best freight deals through SWIFTLY. We make it is easier and cheaper to ship anything, anywhere IN THE WORLD.

Swiftly allows you to search for the best freight quotes. Simply Sign up and POST your package details and logistics requirements no matter the shape, size or weight

You’ll start receiving quotes from our global network of freight forwarders. Compare and choose the best quote depending on your needs. Freight forwarder you approve comes to pick up your items and the shipping is done!

Comparative analysis of freight rates will ensure that our users cut down their costs and providing them breakthrough efficiency & convenience

Our process is easy and our apps work seamlessly on mobile phones or from a desktop browser.

We have a bespoke “shared shipping space & cost model” for "budget customers which gets them unbeatable rates and is Eco friendly.

So for individuals and businesses, experience Swiftly.

Dedicated Team

Our team comprises of passionate individuals who work hand in hand to provide our customers a cost efficient and convenient shipping experience worldwide

Solid Network

We have a compact network of freight forwarders worldwide who work assiduously to ensure speedy & safe package delivery

Customer first

Being customer centric helps us tailor our services to customer needs as they change

Service integrity

We inform you about all that is required from end to end, and we have no hidden charges